Bacon Egg & Cheese McGriddles

Are you going to take your better half on a date, then surely go to the McDonald’s and do taste her with bacon egg and cheese McGriddles. Looking to its calorific source it’s 420 calories. This features soft, warm griddle cakes that are dipped with the sweet taste of maple syrup holding the thick-cut applewood smoked bacon. The second layer is of the fluffy folded egg and then is the slice of melty American cheese.

bacon egg cheese mcgriddles

The best part is the Mc Griddles is like a cake that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives or any flavors and even doesn’t contain any colors from any artificial sources.

Enjoy the date with McDonald’s Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles

Your date will surely remember the cheesy McGriddles filled with bacon, egg, and cheese. Make sure that this McGriddles must dip with maple syrup that makes it truly delicious.

What Calories Value it Contains?

With every bite, there will be a surprise and you are surely going to ask what it contains. It’s not just the flavors of folded egg or the thick-cut applewood smoked bacon. There are a lot more ingredients which makes it a special delight. So let’s see what makes the delight so special.

Griddle Cakes

This is formed victimisation bleached flour which is additionally referred to as the enriched flour. to the present is mixed water, palm oil, sugar, dextrose. This contains a pair of % or less brown sugar, baking powder, changed food product starch, rice flour, whey powder, salt, and natural flavors, milk powder, soybean oil, caramel color, soy lecithin. 

Folded Egg

This is made with eggs, light milk, modified food starch, salt acid mixed along to create a soft and delicate omelet. 

Pasteurized method American Cheese

To make this cheese, milk, cream, water are blending with perfection. to all or any that’s superimposed atomic number 11 citrate, salt, cheese cultures, acid acid, enzymes, soy lecithin, and ideal color. 

Thick Cut fruitwood smoke-dried Bacon

It is alleged by food consultants that pork bellies are the softest and juicy a part of the pork flesh. this can be cured with water, salt, sugar, natural smoke flavor, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite. 

Clarified Butter

This is formed from pasteurised cream. that is termed the butterfat. This butter fat is employed to create the entire dish delicious and engaging with creamy butter. 

Nutrition Calculator

The complete bacon egg and cheese McGriddles are 420calories with eighteen grams of total fat, forty five grams of total carbs, and 18 grams of protein. Next moving ahead the fat content within the dish is around a hundred and seventy a calorie from that saturated fat is of 8 grams with no Trans fat and sterol of 195 mg the dish makes a superb taste. excluding all that micronutrients are a crucial a part of the dish. This contains around 1240 mg of atomic number 11 and a couple of grams of dietary fiber with fifteen grams of sugar and antiophthalmic factor of 620 IU, vitamin C of 6 mg, the calcium of 18o mg and iron of 2.5 mg. 


This dish is really fabulous in taste and makes an amazing combination of both egg and bacon. Just going to bring on a juicy melt in the mouth experience.


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